BMW’s ConnectedDrive: Remote Navigation

What is an all-electric model without some nifty technology? Just your everyday e-car of course! No automaker wants to be called “everyday” or normal, they want to bring to the table the next big thing. The engineers at BMW have done just that with their new i3 and i8 all-electric concept models. Not only do they have zero emissions without losing that purring engine, it also is coupled with the new BMW ConnectedDrive navigation system.

The heart of the navigation feature for the electric vehicle has an indicator that puts into account the most relevant variables such as battery charge, use of battery, the topographic and traffic conditions. If the driver notices their battery is nearly depleted they can ask the navigation system to simply locate a nearby charge station. This station is then indicated on the map, permitting the driver sufficient directions to the station. If you are concerned how long you may need to charge your vehicle to either return home, or reach your next way-point, ConnectedDrive will gladly provide you with such information. This technology gives drivers of the i3 Concept Coupe a very precise reading, which is reliable, and gives them the comfort of knowing their current situation. Electric engines being a relatively new trend, it is a common request from drivers that they understand the depletion rate, range and recharge rate of their battery.

With features that were reprogrammed specifically for the BMW i3 and i8 models, the electric automobiles aren’t just emission free, they are also user friendly and hassle-free. To make things simpler and mobile they have provided a remote app for ConnectedDrive users, which is available in either iOS or Android smart phones. The driver can then easily access their vehicles information from just about anywhere. For example say you just depleted your battery to 10 per cent and you made a stop mid-trip to recharge at a station, but in order to make your next way-point you need to be at least 85 oer cent battery capacity. So you take that time to recharge to grab a bite to eat at a nice outside deli around the corner. You eat and you are curious of how long you have until it reaches 85 per cent cap recharge, so you pull out your smart phone and check from the application. From a quick glance you notice it is just 65 per cent, and you have another 10-15 minutes to kill. So you elect to enjoy this sunny day, and order an ice tea.

As you can see when you have that sort of information in your hand, it is easier than having to trek down the road to check your dash. It allows drivers to properly manage  their daily routine, errands or weekend adventures. It should also be noted from your remote app, you can manage the speed in which your vehicle recharges, and even set a timer for when it can stop. These are all remarkable features that make the ConnectedDrive feature and mobile application a no brainer for those who are urban or even suburban residents. For those of you in the nations capital, you can learn more about these concepts and current BMW technology at the greater-D. C. BMW dealer, BMW Towson.