The benefits of leasing low emission cars

The benefits of leasing low emission cars

There are a number of reasons why more company lease cars are becoming low emission vehicles. The company car leasing industry is highly attuned to the wider economical, environmental and political climate; economical because company car leasing has become an attractive prospect to businesses that see it as a way of reducing their own vehicle overheads.

They are environmental because low emission vehicles produce lower amounts of CO2 and political due to specific regulations and legislation that have a direct impact. The 2012 Plugged-in Places scheme, for example, aims to ensure that plug-in vehicles are an attractive and viable choice for the motorist. Tax concessions or rebates, for example, are also available on low emission or hybrid vehicles. It can therefore be cheaper to run or operate a fleet of low emission vehicles, as this will lead to lower company running costs overall due to the concessions and incentives available.

Using low emission vehicles demonstrates that a company is ethically and environmentally aware. Low emission cars are more fuel efficient and produce lower emissions of CO2. This therefore has a less harmful effect on the environment than other vehicles. Furthermore, making an active contribution in reducing company vehicles greenhouse gases and carbon footprint (if vehicles can have footprints) can contribute toward a company’s overall corporate social responsibility agenda.

The main benefits of using low emission cars therefore, are that they have less of a damaging impact on the environment, fuel consumption is reduced and running costs are lower due to Government concessions or tax breaks. Lower emission cars are more sustainable and cheaper to run and maintain. Reduced fuel consumption also has an impact on oil extraction; therefore a localised low emission vehicle policy can actually have a global impact.

Low emission company car leasing is an effective response to the world’s economic and environmental climate. Vehicles with lower running costs are available to be leased at a low cost. There are therefore benefits to both leasing and running low emission cars. They are becoming a very attractive proposition to companies either require to lease or leasing vehicles themselves. National Service Networks for hybrid vehicles are increasing, which allows for a wider geographical reach. Further improvements in low emission and green technologies an only serve to further benefit companies who rely on companies that use or lease such cars.

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