Car breakdown

Being Prepared For Trouble On the Road

Being “prepared for trouble” is a key rule when out on the road. Every year, millions of motorists encounter vehicle trouble while they are on their way somewhere. Inevitably, it occurs at the worst time but if you have some supplies and resources ready to go, the process can be much easier on you. Here are a few thoughts.

Safety First

Safety should always be the first consideration when planning for trouble on the road. Keep in mind what weather conditions could occur on your trip. An umbrella in the vehicle could be greatly appreciated if you go out to inspect your car, or stand by the side of the road while your car is being towed. A flashlight is also a key piece of equipment to have in your car. Running your engine may not be possible given the nature of the breakdown, so a blanket to keep warm is smart.

What To Do

Before a breakdown, be observant of the road you’re on and always know where you’d go to pull over. so you can quickly and calmly get out of the way of other cars on the road. Leave sufficient distance between you and the roadway when parked so your vehicle doesn’t pose as an obstacle for other drivers. If you’re unable to pull over off the road due to construction or lack of a breakdown lane, switch on your hazards. Our subject matter experts at East Hills Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Dodge of Greenvale, NY warn you not to attempt to push your car, and if you’re cautious of your vehicle getting hit, safely leave your vehicle and stand a safe distance away.  This is also important to do even when pulled over in the breakdown lane, as other vehicles can lane-drift into your parked car.  To minimize this potential danger, make sure you make your vehicle as visible as possible with flashing hazards and, if you’re able to, forewarn oncoming traffic.

Always Be Observant

Assessing your vehicle’s condition while you drive and after you’ve pulled over can give vital information to your aid. Did you notice any grinding or screeching sound that led to your breakdown?  Is your engine overheating?  Is there steam or smoke ? Did you hit any trash or pothole on the road, or experience any sudden steering difficulties beforehand?  Every piece of information can better inform your assistance on the phone of the nature of the breakdown and more quickly get your car serviced either on the road or back at the towed-to mechanic shop.  Along with this information, your aid will need a general description of your car’s make, model, year, and license plate to locate you on the road.  Should you exit the vehicle, always do so from the side away from traffic, and remain with your vehicle.  If you swerved off the road, police can consider this leaving the scene of an accident.

Every driver should be knowledgeable of what to do in the event of a breakdown so as to best handle emergencies and ensure the safety of yourself and other drivers.  Take this knowledge to heart, and make sure your kids have an idea of the necessary steps so they don’t panic if they’re stuck on the roadway anywhere.  Programming AAA and plenty of emergency contacts in their phone with all necessary information they need to get help are good precautionary steps to take should you be unavailable.  Be smart, be prepared, and be safe on all your future travels!