The Altima – Helping Nissan’s sales boom in the States

The Altima – Helping Nissan’s sales boom in the States

Why is Nissan doing so well this year, and every other year for that matter? Could the reason sales have been increasing each month be because people simply like the name “Nissan?” Or how about the colors of the cars that Nissan produces? Perhaps record sales continue to be achieved by this formidable company because Nissan builds great cars. That might just be their secret to success. Add the fact that they give car buyers everything they could ever want in an automobile and you’ve got an unbeatable combination for a winning streak across the board.

The new Altima demonstrates why Nissan is so popular. It has been completely redesigned for this season and it has a brand new upscale feel to it, both inside and out. Fuel economy has been markedly improved by strategic engineering changes and the steering and suspension systems upgrades have made the Altima one of the most dependable and easy handling cars in its class. Read more about the Altima online in a review by Team Nissan-North.

The Altima’s almost silent ride speaks volumes about the high level of comfort the engineers at Nissan have attempted and achieved for their customers. The easy to use electronics, extremely comfy seats and beautiful interior only enhance the overall drivability and user-friendliness of this beautiful mid-size car. The Altima comes in a variety of trim levels and body styles, along with several different engines to choose from. You also have the option of 16, 17 or 18-inch wheels, satellite radio, USB interface and Pandora radio and a sunroof, depending on which trim you select.

The Altima 2.5-litre sedan with its 182bhp, four-cylinder engine gets you to 60mph from stationary in just under 8sec. That translates into being one of the fastest four-cylinder sedans on the market. The V6-engined Altima is even faster at just a bit over six seconds, which brings it to the top tier of its class too.

Nissan is strong on safety as one can clearly see when they get behind the wheel of the Altima. Plenty of airbags, including side-curtain bags, antilock brakes and traction and stability control systems are standard features in this very safe mid-size vehicle. The Altima can stop quickly and it gets high ratings for the lower than average distance it takes to come to a complete standstill from sixty miles an hour.

The Nissan Altima, if it continues to break sales records, is destined to be one of America’s favorite family cars.