Car Storage tips

A Quick Checklist for Long Term Car Storage

There are many reasons why you might want to put your car in long term storage. Perhaps you are heading abroad for an extended period but want to have your automobile ready and waiting on your return. If you own a vintage vehicle you take to shows or have a passion for motorsports, there may be long periods of inactivity.

The rule of thumb is that cars, and their engines in particular, benefit from regular use. However, by following these simple steps, it is perfectly possible to keep a vehicle in long-term storage with little or no ill effects.

1.  Choose a suitable location

The key requirements for wherever you choose to leave your vehicle are that it must be dry and secure. If you have a garage at home and you are confident about security over an extended period, then great. Otherwise, ask around to see if a friend or relative has space. But for complete peace of mind, you can’t beat a fully insured, fully monitored professional car storage service.

2. Get your car serviced

It is strongly recommended that you change the oil in your car if it is going to be left for more than a couple of months. Having old, dirty oil sat in the system can lead to a build-up of impurities in places you don’t want them. If you are going to change the oil, you might as well get the filters changed and carry out a full service, which will give you added reassurance about its condition when you return.

3. Protect brakes and tyres

Leaving the handbrake on for long periods can lead to the cable wearing or the whole braking system seizing up. It is much better to leave the car on the flat with chocks under the tyres. That said, tyres themselves can deflate if a car is sat stationary for an extended length of time, so another option is to lift it slightly on a jack to take the weight off the tyres.

4. Arrange for the engine to be turned over regularly

Another benefit of using a professional storage service is that they will start the engine at regular intervals, which helps to protect everything by having fuel and oil run through the system. If this is not possible, you might want to consider putting a stabiliser in your fuel tank to preserve the petrol or diesel.

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