6 Signs You Should Get a Lawyer Involved After a Car Accident

6 Signs You Should Get a Lawyer Involved After a Car Accident

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Getting involved in a car accident can quickly get complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. Regardless of the nature of the incident, it is advisable to get in touch with a personal claims attorney right away and discuss the details of the case.

No-Fault Auto Insurance States

Whether it was a small fender-bender or people were injured, know that twelve US states are no-fault states. This includes some large population centers such as New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida. The law expects your insurance carrier to cover any damages to property or medical bills you might incur. This rule applies irrespective of whose actions caused the accident. However, you should also be aware that insurance companies will try their best to lower the claim amount or cite loopholes to deny you adequate compensation. Getting an Orlando criminal defense attorney to review the case ensures that you get the proper reimbursement.

When Should You Get in Touch With an Attorney

Here are some of the signs that indicate you need representation and you absolutely must contact an experienced attorney.

  • You Don’t Feel So Good

Even if you think that you weren’t injured in the car accident, it is advisable to get a complete medical checkup. People often think they feel fine as they walk away from the scene, but the symptoms of hidden injuries surface days after the incident. If you feel like pain seems to be getting worse over time, despite getting initial treatment, talk to an attorney. Chances are that you’ll need long-term care and the attorney will make sure the insurance company compensates you for the medical expenses.

  • Your Injuries Are Serious

Even if you don’t need hospitalization or surgery, the carrier must pay for any kind of physical trauma. That includes treatment for broken bones, joint pain, muscle sprains, or any other injuries that need long-term medical care. If you need to consult a specialist for help, the attorney will make sure all your expenses are covered.

  • You Have Expensive Property Damage

Even when drivers or passengers are not hurt in a collision, vehicles or other property often experience bad damage and require expensive repairs. Get the advice of an experienced Orlando car accident attorney for information about how to get an inspection from a certified workshop and file a claim for getting back your repair costs. 

  • You’ve Missed Work 

If you had to miss work to recover from the effects of the car accident, the insurance carrier is expected to cover the lost wages. Even if you suffered mental pain and trauma after the incident, the company must pay the related expenses. Your attorney can help prove that your pain and suffering and loss of companionship qualify for compensation. 

  • You’ve Been in Trouble Before

If your license was suspended due to a pass offense such as a DUI,  driving with a felony can have serious legal penalties. Check with a lawyer for advice on how to proceed. Even if this latest accident was not your fault and involves a different set of factors, it’s important to your legal status to navigate this situation with care. 

  • Your Insurance Coverage is Inadequate

According to Florida law, every driver is expected to buy Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance worth at least $10,000. In case of an injury after a car accident, the carrier will cover up to 80% of the medical bills while the insured will cover $1,000 in co-pay. If your medical expenses are higher than the PIP payout, you can expect the insurance policy of the at-fault driver to pay the balance costs. Hiring an experienced attorney who will ensure that you submit the necessary paperwork for compensation.

Auto accident insurance laws in Florida and getting reimbursement can be a complex process. Rely on the expertise of an attorney to guide you in the right direction.