Summer road trip tips

6 expert tips to get you summer road trip ready

We’ve arrived – winter is over, we’re through spring, and it’s finally time to start planning that summer road trip you’ve been thinking about for months. There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as hitting the open road, turning up the volume on your favourite playlist, and just leaving your cares behind for awhile. To ensure you fully enjoy your time away this summer we’ve put together this list of 6 expert tips to be prepared for your summer road trip.

1. Make Sure Your Car Is Road Ready

Nothing ruins a road trip faster than car trouble and it’s a problem that you can take reasonable measures to avoid. To double-check that your set of wheels are going to be safe and reliable for your trip we suggest visiting a local car dealership like Five Star Motor Group before you depart so they can check essentials like fluid levels, brakes, and tires. You’ll likely be putting on a lot of miles and a little due diligence can potentially save you a lot of unnecessary grief. It’s also still a good idea to confirm that you have a jack and spare tire handy just in case.

2. So Fresh, So Clean

Your car might not have the comforts of home but don’t make it worse by letting the mess get away from you. Nobody wants to spend countless hours in that kind of environment. Food, trash, and the odd spill might be inevitable on a long trip but be prepared to keep things tidy. You can bring some trash bags, wet wipes, and paper towels to keep it manageable. Additionally, all those miles of driving are going to keep your car dirty. The bugs and grime aren’t good for your exterior and they can also cause unsafe visibility issues. Make sure you stop for the occasional car wash!

3. More Money – More Credit Card Points

Most credit cards give you an extra dose of points for gas and grocery purchases so this is an easy opportunity to rack those up. Instead of paying cash for all your fuel and food charges along the way bring your favourite points card and watch the totals rise. Whether you’re saving up those points for a flight or some other reward, you’ll be putting your dollars to good use.

4. Plan For Emergencies

When you plan your trip you’re more likely to be thinking about beautiful lakes and scenic drives than potential issues, but always plan for the worst right? A first-aid kit is a must have for your adventure just in case you need to deal with any cuts or scrapes. You should also know about any existing health insurance you have available. If you’re travelling far from home you might need to buy additional travel insurance to cover any accidents. You probably won’t need it but it will help you enjoy your trip with a little more peace of mind.

5. Stay Entertained

The thrill of your destination can occasionally get buried in the boredom of driving for hours. It’s a good idea to bring along some entertainment options to get you through those parts of the drive where the scenery just isn’t quite doing it for you. Things like handheld games, laptops, movies, books, and music can be a lifesaver to make the time pass. Regularly switching drivers can also help keep everyone fresh and avoid burnout.

6. Don’t Overplan

Sure, it helps to have some general ideas about where you’re going or what you’re doing but don’t go overboard. The magic of a road trip is ultimately about the possibilities and just being with your friends or people you care about. If your schedule is too rigid you might miss that great roadside diner, scenic detour, or other adventures hidden along the way that you weren’t anticipating. You won’t regret leaving a little room for spontaneity in your trip.

With these 6 tips you should be well-prepared to hit the road and have a great time. You also won’t be caught off guard should any issues arise. Happy driving!