Kia Soul

The 2017 Kia Soul is not really for hamsters

Okay, don’t let your kids read this article. In fact, if you really like cute little furry animals and Disney movies, perhaps you should put this down right now and go read something that will make you smile or even giggle.

The Kia Soul commercial with the hamsters – is all computer generated. That’s the gist of this article. We want you to know the truth and although we run the risk of losing you as a loyal Kia customer, we are willing to take that risk in order to let the truth be known. Now…the hamsters are cute, aren’t they? Yes, of course they are, especially the one running through the hospital with the nurses chasing him. He is computer generated. He is not real and neither are the hamsters in the car that he lands in after parachuting off the hospital’s tall roof.

We are sorry to tell you all this because we think the hamsters are cute too. But they are just not real. The only thing in the commercial that’s real is the beautiful Kia Soul. That is completely real and the commercial’s producers and director were paid (big bucks) to make the hamsters look real and to make them appear as if they could actually drive one of the best sub compact SUVs on the market today.

We feel that although it would have been much less entertaining, it would have been prudent to put actual people behind the wheel of the Soul and in the parachute. It would have been a little risky because landing on a moving target in a parachute can be tricky at best, but it would have been real. We think our customers can handle real and using hamsters to illustrate the Kia Soul’s ease of handling, which is true, and great performance under any conditions, which is also true, should have been done using real people.

I apologize, I have just been told by my supervisor that the hamsters apparently were real and that they actually have acting agents who sent them on their initial auditions. The hamster who drove the car, Bruce, according to his agent, is a real life spots car racer who placed second at the Indianapolis 500 two years ago. The parachuting hamster whose name is Reggie is a parachute trainer at Perris Field in California. Since the hamsters are indeed small in stature, they drove a paired down Kia Soul, which was sent over from South Korea specifically for the commercial.

So, the Kia Soul is one heck of a car that is loved by more than one species of beings on the planet. You can take your test drive at Sunset Kia of Auburn whenever you like.