Ford F-150

The 2017 Ford F-150 is the truck that started the whole thing

Having had an F-series Ford truck I can say that these trucks are something special. Yes, mine was a vintage model, 1960 and it had several decades on it when I got it. But none of that mattered because the beauty of the vehicle was in its simplicity. Everything about was simple. The engine was easy to work on, if it needed anything done to it, and the bench seat made it easy to slide into the cab from either side. The three speed manual shifter on the steering column worked as smooth as today’s automatics do. The truck was simple and rugged.

Of course, newer F-150s, have a lot more going for them than the Ford truck I had, but if I still had that old workhorse I don’t know if I’d be trading it in so fast just to get the comfort and extremely smooth ride that todays’ F-150s offer. Perhaps it is nostalgia or maybe it’s just remembering the all the great times I had in that old truck that makes me wish it was still parked in my garage. Who knows? The one thing I do know is that Ford trucks are built very well and they are obviously built to last.

Driving the new Ford truck, which by the way, I park in my garage every night, gives me the same feeling I had with the F0series truck I used to have. I feel a burst of confidence each time I pull out of the driveway and into traffic. I know how it’s going to handle and I know that I can depend on it in any situation. Its performance and smooth ride is the always at the top of the game and it gets me where I want to go when I want to be there and it does all of this safely and securely.

The Ford F-series started everything as far as trucks are concerned. It hasn’t been the best selling truck in American history for nothing. It became popular because Ford never skimped on anything when it came to design, engineering or manufacturing and it shows in each generation of Ford trucks. Come down to Patterson Ford of Bowie and see for yourself.