Dodge Challenger

The 2017 Dodge Challenger is a nice little neighbourhood car

The Dodge brand has been around for over a hundred years. It was founded by the two brilliant and hard working Dodge brothers, Horace and John. The company was successfully operated by them until they both died in the flu epidemic in the early 1920s.When the brothers were running things they built quality cars and trucks and after their deaths the Chrysler Company took over Dodge and continued making quality products. Dodge came out with its muscle cars, including the Challenger in the 1960s and 70s and the Challenger became an instant hit with mothers and grandmothers who were on the lookout for more traditional transportation that would get them to the grocery store a little faster than their neighbors’ cars would go.

It was surprising to see, but the competitive spirit was alive and well in suburbia and beyond. No one realized, especially Dodge’s designers and engineers, that little old ladies would be the major buyers of the Dodge Challenger, the premiere fast car from one of the oldest car manufacturers in the country. The women came in droves and snapped the Challengers up before the teenagers and men in their early twenties even got out of bed. It was an amazing phenomenon!

Apparently, nothing has changed – except that young men are now getting up much earlier in hopes of beating the women down to Speedway Auto Group to purchase one of the 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcats in stock there. Boys will be boys, as the old (very old) saying goes, The boys in question just can’t seem to get up early enough because the entire first shipment of 2017 Challengers left the lot without any fanfare, almost as if they had been driven out the back way so no one could see them vanish. If the truth be told, it was seven grandmothers and fourteen mothers who came in just before the doors opened at Speedway and they bought all 21 SRTs and left immediately and very quietly to avoid any unwanted publicity. The next load went just as fast and so did the third, fourth, fifth and sixth.

We do feel sorry for all the young men who came in and left empty handed. We gave each one a new alarm clock set to wake them up quite early and we gave them a schedule of our upcoming Challenger deliveries. Hopefully, they will get what they want – if the women will slow down a bit in buying the Challenger SRTs.