Could 2013 be a huge year for eco car leasing?

Could 2013 be a huge year for eco car leasing?

Eco car leasing is a concept that has seen huge spike recently, especially with regard to business users for a range of reasons. Since everyone has become more concerned with their carbon footprint – there have been far more people enquiring about leasing cars which are more carbon emission friendly.

Benefit In Kind (BIK)

Although the majority of people will have a genuine interest in reducing their impact on the environment, exposure to BIK is now a big part of most company’s car tax regulations. Employees are under a lot more pressure to reduce this as much as possible. The majority of the world’s car manufacturers will now have an eco-friendly car available if not a hybrid and car leasing companies are seeing enquiries into these continue to rise. This has prompted many to forecast that 2013 could be the biggest year yet for eco car leasing.

Company Benefits of Eco Car Leasing

There are many benefits for companies looking to lease cars ethically. The most significant are the reduction of vehicle costs, the reduction of the cost of fuel and the enhancement of the corporate image of the business in question.

Benefits to Company Staff

For individuals who lease a car through their job, there are positive repercussions from deciding to opt for the eco-friendly option. Driving hours are reduced, driving techniques can be reduced and the BIK tax burden is alleviated. Workers can also increase their productivity and feel good about the advantages to the environment.

Help the Environment

As more and more business choose to go for eco car leasing, the benefits for the environment are obvious. Traffic levels are reduced and road safety is also given a welcome boost. In addition to this, emissions are reduced as is noise pollution and the impact of the globe as a whole can only be positive.

Companies Going Green

Eco car leasing is something which is helping corporations across the United Kingdom to do that extra bit when it comes to ‘going green’. With the lifestyles of those who have busy jobs getting no less hectic, especially as many of us put the extra hours to help us emerge from the recession – this can give the public an extra piece of mind whilst at the same time enhancing the image of any company investing in the principle. This is perhaps one of the best ways that businesses can help to combat CO2 emissions.