10 Most Popular Cars Under £15,000

After looking at the figures for 2019 sales, Motorpoint Car Supermarket has named the Ford Fiesta the best selling car of 2019.

Ford Fiesta

It’s easy to see why this hot hatchback has been named the most popular car of 2019. It’s sporty, economical, practical, good looking and reliable. It’s an absolute crowd-pleaser with its sporty and easy-to-control gearbox and the precise steering makes the driver look effortlessly cool.

Fiat 500

These days it is not uncommon to see a Fiat 500 on the road so it should come as no surprise that it has landed second on the list for most popular cars under £15,000. Small but incredibly practical, it offers everything that you expect from a hatchback twice its size. Perfect for those who live in the city or those who like to do longer journeys.

Citroën C3

Whilst comfort is the major pull of the Citroën C3, it also offers a smooth ride, plenty of space and soft suspension. Cheap to run and incredibly quiet, The C3 is perfect for those looking for their first car or a practical car which can be used to dodge traffic. It’s easy to see why the Citroën C3 has landed in third place.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus is considered the modern-day family car. Offering endless space and storage, the Ford Focus has become popular with those looking for a smooth and stylish ride whilst dropping the kids off to school. Ford cars are built to last, allowing drivers a sense of security that the car won’t break down unexpectedly.

Hyundai i20

Hyundai is fast becoming popular with British road users as the Korean make offers a top-quality car which won’t cost you a small fortune. The i20 is a fantastic all-rounder that is super value for money and has quickly become a contender in the supermini market.

Nissan Juke

Since announcing a move into the SUV market, Nissan has produced a wide range of practical and family-friendly SUVs. The Nissan Juke is no exception. With its recognisable front and natural curve, the Nissan Juke is undoubtedly pretty. The highest SUV in our list, the Juke is perfect for those who like to get out and explore the world.

Hyundai i10

The second Hyundai on the list is the Hyundai i10. Though small in comparison to the i20, the i10 is practical and ensures you get from A to B in comfort. Designed for those living in the city, the i10 is perfect for weaving in and out of traffic.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa has been around for years but this hasn’t stopped it from moving with the times. An always-stylish car, it offers the driver an unforgettable experience, with an enviable interior. As times have changed the Vauxhall Corsa has moved with it, now offering lots of interior space as well as a practical sized boot. The Vauxhall Corsa is definitely a fantastic supermini.

BMW 1 Series

With the BMW’s instantly recognisable front, the 1 Series is easy to spot from a distance. Smaller than a 3 or 5 Series, the BMW 1 Series doesn’t shy away from becoming one of the best hot hatchbacks for under £15,000. With precise handling and a slick gearbox, the size allows you to cope in heavy city traffic or long trips out. Same BMW quality for a fraction of the price.

Nissan Micra

Recently the Nissan Micra has had a makeover, allowing it to become one of the best looking cars available on the market. With a sleek aerodynamic front and matching interior, the Nissan Micra is now a dominating force in the supermini class. With reasonable amounts of space and a good-sized boot, the Nissan Micra finishes off our list with style.

So these are the top-selling cars in under £15,000 in the past 12 months according to Motorpoint Car Supermarket. With a shift in buying patterns, it’s easy to see that superminis have now become more popular than ever.